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Southern Maryland Archers (SMA) Club is located in Upper Marlboro, Maryland.  Our club has been servicing our community for over 25 years.  SMA Club is affiliated with the three (3) archery organizations: Maryland Archers Association, USA Archery, and National Field Archery Association (More Information Below). 

We hope that you enjoy our website and join as a member or participate in our non-member activities!

We are a membership driven club so the activities we provide to the community is through the kindness & dedication of our archery enthusiast members.

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Membership Information

About Southern Maryland Archers (SMA) Club


The objective of this organization is to foster the art and technical sport of archery as a non-profit corporation.

1. To promote all forms of archery including, but not limited to, amateur sport competitions.
2. To provide instruction on safe handling and uses of archer equipment.
3. To provide the archer with a safe and natural environment to enhance their skills.
4. To promote bow hunting for legal games.

Membership Overview


1. The Art of Archery is defined as the experience and application of mental focus towards self- improvement and accuracy with an archery bow and a target.
2. The Technical Sport of Archery is defined as refining the form of shot execution and knowledge of archery equipment for target and field competitions.


Code of Conduct

“As an affiliated member of Southern Maryland Archers Club, I agree to practice the common sense of safety and abide by all club safety rules set forth by the SMA Officers and supporting staff. I agree and understand that an archery bow is considered a weapon and I agree to take great care and caution- to not dry-fire my bow and to appropriately shoot my arrows at safe locations. I commit to conducting professional behavior and sportsmanship in a way that positively reflects the SMA Club Corporation, SMA officers, and the archery community.”

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Upcoming Class on Sunday, December 3, 2023


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